kijiji_logoMark Lister
Managing Director, Advertising & Seed Businesses at Kijiji, an eBay Company

Romy presents himself as a hands-on Sales Trainer that delivers clear and measurable results whilst reducing staff turnover.

I have used the services of Romy over the years in both the UK and Canada.

What makes the training Romy delivers unique, is rather than just offering generic training sessions, Romy personalises and develops a sales approach specifically to your proposition and the individual, with the relevant content and language that is applicable to your industry.

More importantly, he engages the team demonstrating every element of the principles he teaches, which is then extended to coaching live calls and shadowing meetings.

The regular reinforcement always ensures my Salespeople have become far more conscious and competent, resulting in them delivering consistent results.

Anyone who has seen his sessions in practice will realise how inspirational they are and know that this is where your sales people truly learn.

I highly recommend Romy and find he naturally becomes a supportive arm to my management team.


kijiji_logoAllison Zwicker
Account Manager at Kijiji

Romy is exceptional at his job in all senses of the word.

Romy takes the time to really individualize the training and find out the strengths in each person. I felt throughout training that I was actually learning how I fit into the company, and how to use my natural abilities in my new job. Romy has years of experience behind him which is evident and he plays to your strengths while improving any weaknesses he uncovers along the way. His sessions are believable, fun, and most importantly applicable in many different work environments.

The astounding thing is that when I moved from London, England (DMGT to Toronto, Canada (Kijiji, an Ebay company) it was immediately clear that my skills I learned with him back in London are transferable to any company world wide, and I was immediately hired. When I think of what skills I have gained on a global scale, it is truly amazing.

Any company would benefit from having Romy as a mentor and trainer, involving marketing, sales and Account Management. I dare anyone to work with him and not learn anything! World class training