Indeed Canada sees sales uplift

Aura Sales had the pleasure of working with indeed, the Global Google channel for jobs but this time we were working with their media sales team in Canada.

In the fast-paced digital world of recruitment indeed is a market-leading brand. Worldwide Indeed attracts over 170m unique visitors per month, is available in more than 50 countries, is in 28 different languages, and covers 94% of global GDP. All this makes indeed a significant contributor to the global economy. With an eye on the money, our sales training team were delighted to see an uplift in sales revenue from the Canadian commercial team in just one week of training. branding   media sales

Using our legendary LIVE IT : LINK IT : LEARN IT formula were were able to carry on cascading better sales practice to

It was fantastic to get those results so soon; as we are the official sales trainer for indeed North America.

We had lots of fun with the team, and look forward to catching up with them again in October.

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