Graduate Recruitment


A natural talent pool of qualified trainable candidates:

At Aura, we understand attracting new Graduates who wish to enter the world of Sales can give an organisation a competitive edge, as long as they are properly supported and developed.

Equally, they need to have the right qualifying attributes that your business is looking for.

We’re here to help and support you throughout their journey of development and discovery.

From application – assessment – placement – sales training and development, we support you at every stage.

We have associated ourselves with some of the best Universities in the UK.

We attract some of the best Graduates available in the marketplace, but we realise that this is just the beginning. Our assessment days will naturally identify those Graduates who have the right qualities to enter the world of Sales. This ensures we isolate candidates and only deliver you sales focused Graduates.

Shared investment:

In order to assist your business with the development of your sales Graduates, we realise the first three months are critical in their learning and development. That’s why we offer a personalised sales induction programme with monthly top-up sessions, to ensure you achieve a measurable return on your investment.