Sales Training: Live it

live-itLIVE IT: 70% of Learning is achieved through on-the-job experience.

From the classroom to the sales floor with dramatic results.

Hands-on coaching with live calls and joint meetings to reinforce the new sales techniques

We become an extension of your Sales Team!

To ensure that the application of the sales training is achieved within the work place, an on-going, hands-on approach to one-on-one coaching is applied.

Simultaneously, the key principles and methodology are reinforced and put in application in live calls. All training aids have been specifically tailored to the Sales Person and with their involvement so the natural take-up rate to apply the training is dramatic, as they own the sales approach.

Again, your Sales People become far more consciously competent and continue to realise the benefits of applying the sales training.

A documented paper trail is followed where your Sales People take ownership and responsibility of their training objectives, which is followed up and reviewed.

On-going coaching results in us being an extension of your Sales Team that also includes eLearning options.