From feedback we have received, no-one else can deliver such a personalised hands-on approach to sales training.

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Sales Recruitment Testimonials

“Christina is everything you look for in a recruitment consultant. She made sure she listened to what I was looking for, identified my skills and matched it very well with the clients’ requirements. She was absolutely amazing every step of the way, keeping me very well informed and gave good advice throughout the process. Christina is extremely professional, friendly and polite and genuinely wants the best for her candidates. I would highly recommend Christina and the Aura Sales team to anyone looking for their next move in a career in sales. I am very happy with my new role, I can’t thank her enough!”
– Oladotun Balogun, May 20, 2014



“Christina has a great understanding of not only her clients’ needs, but also her candidates; this is what makes her stand out from the thousands of recruiters in this space. Personally I look for 3 key things in any recruiter; trust, competence and enthusiasm. These are all areas in which Christina excels, I strongly recommend her to anyone looking for a new role”
Dom Weatherhead, March 31, 2014



“Aura has now placed me into a role for a second time. Christina is a TOP consultant. She goes the extra mile and is always on hand with useful expert advice to get the job done. I highly recommend Christina and would definitely use her again if I needed to find a new role”
Nick Reid, March 20, 2014



“Aura provides a deeply personable and professional level of service, tirelessly working to ensure high levels of preparation for their candidates. One feels comfortable and at ease with Aura, a trait which is indispensable. Highly recommended”
Fouad Halawi, October 3, 2013



“Aura provided an excellent service to me in finding my next career move. Always following up, coming up with good ideas to move the employment process forward and attentive at all times. I would recommend Aura to anyone looking for their next career move”
Shani Ashfaq, August 12, 2013



“Aura was great from the start; the minute my C.V. arrived they made sure they explained the role, ensuring it was right for me and explained what would be required. Aura answered all and any questions I had, and also checked throughout the process that I was clear on all aspects and wished me luck at every stage. I would definitely recommend sending your C.V. to Christina at Aura, if you are looking for the next move in your career”
Tim Robinson, July 16, 2013



“I can’t recommend Christina highly enough as a recruiter. I first met Christina 18 months ago when I applied to Aura for my current role. She was helpful and supportive throughout the process and worked hard to ensure that I understood the role and what the expectations would be at interview. I am glad that I had the pleasure of dealing with her”
Lisa Bush, June 26, 2013


“Aura helped me massively by contacting me regarding a position they thought would be suitable for me. Their help through this recruitment process was invaluable and my consultant Christina kept me informed from start to finish. I don’t think I had to call her once for an update. I would recommend Christina to anyone requiring a friendly and professional recruitment service”
Tim Bush, February 11, 2013



“Aura was first class throughout the entire recruitment process. They constantly kept me updated with progress and I didn’t have to chase them once. Aura has an excellent ‘can do’ attitude and takes a genuine interest into your needs by going above and beyond her duties. I can not recommend Aura highly enough!”
Andrew Pickaver, January 25, 2013



“The consultants at Aura have an excellent ability to build rapport and  communication with me was extremely thorough, they kept me informed every step of the way. They prepared me for all the steps in the process and I was very impressed with my consultant Christina’s friendly and professional approach. Christina is one of the best recruiters I have dealt with and I would happily recommend Christina to anyone who is job hunting”
Vincent Bradshaw, November 14, 2012



“I was extremely impressed with Aura’s professional and personable approach. Christina was able to provide me with vacancies and companies that matched up to what I was looking for, both quickly and effectively. Her knowledge of the companies in question was second to none. Throughout the process she was extremely efficient in coordinating times and dates for interviews and went above and beyond in helping me at each stage. I truly believe that if it was for Christina I firstly wouldn’t have known about the position I eventually was offered but also I wouldn’t have been as confident entering into each stage as she was able to provide me with excellent advice. She was always available for me to speak with if I needed anything also. Having been in recruitment for 6 years myself I know the difference between good and bad consultants and Christina I can safely say is the best I have ever dealt with. She’s a very professional articulate person who has the uncanny ability to give you confidence when you most need it. I would have no hesitancy in recommending my closest friends and family to deal with Christina as the experience I had in dealing with her has been a total success. I would like to take the time to thank you Christina in all that you’ve done for me. You really have helped me land my dream job”
– Darren Steel, November 16, 2010



“Aura contacted me at the end of June 2010 with a prospective job which they thought may be of interest to me. The position for ‘Field Sales Representative’ was an ideal job prospect for me. However, although I had a certain degree of field sales experience it was not the required amount for the post advertised. Although this was the case, Christina saw the potential in my CV and the sales experience that I did have, and suggested I apply for the position. She guided me through the step by step process (psychometric testing, telephone interview, face to face interview and field sales accompaniment) and never once faltered in her support throughout these stages. Christina contacted me via text, e-mail and telephone, whenever required; this could have been at 8am in the morning, 10pm at night or during the weekend; there was never a point when Christina was not contactable and she always made herself available to me. In Christina’s capable hands, my confidence grew as she motivated me to see the absolute best in myself. Throughout each stage I was able to feel my confidence grow and my ability to be able to express myself and my desire to achieve became second nature to me. She was not only a recruitment consultant but she inspired a complete change in me. I truly feel that the growth in my confidence is an attribute to Christina’s dedication and commitment to me as a client. I will never know how Christina is able to represent so many candidates, if she dedicates as much time to each individual as she has done with me. I don’t know how she ever has any time for herself. The job was offered to me and the first person I wanted to contact was Christina, to thank her for helping me to success! I felt compelled to write this testimonial as I have succeeded due to Christina’s outstanding commitment and service to her clients and I feel that everyone who comes in to contact with her should be aware of her extraordinary service. There is no doubt regarding Christina’s dedication and commitment to her job. I am so fortunate that Christina came across my CV. It has changed my life and I will never be able to express my thanks enough for what she has done for me”
– Victoria Taylor, July 15, 2010


Sales Training Testimonials

t-kijiji-ebayRomy presents himself as a hands-on Sales Trainer that delivers clear and measurable results whilst reducing  staff turnover.

I have used the services of Romy over the years in both the UK and Canada.

What makes the training Romy delivers unique, is rather than just offering generic training sessions, Romy personalises and develops a sales approach specifically to your proposition and the individual, with the relevant content and language that is applicable to your industry.

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I highly recommend Romy and his sales training approach. He understands our business and brings a drive and energy to sales training that you just don’t get from the “off the shelf” training programmes we get bombarded with.

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I’ve had the privilege to work with Aura and witnessed first-hand the immediate impact of this sales training. Working hard and working smart are important elements that are emphasized during his training workshops.

Aura’s hybrid approach of classroom theory and one-on-one field training sets him apart from other trainers in the industry. Numbers speak for themselves, and the output from my sales team has increased exponentially since I began working with Romy.

I highly recommend Aura to any sales organization looking to increase sales efficiency and effectiveness.

Chris Nguyen

CEO, Co-Founder



t-tslAura’s services are unique within the sales training space.
Rather than deliver just another generic training session, all their modules are personalised and specific to your industry and proposition.

Their personalised sales approach to the individual has had an immediate impact in the performance of my sales team. I would always recommend to use him.

Mike Newall

Sales Manager at TSL Education



t-regusRomy is a passionate sales trainer who’s course was a pleasure to follow. The best way to recommend him is through the progress I have made in account management, prospection and sales presentations.

My accounts have brought me 30% more revenue than other years, I have secured up to 100% more meetings than before the training, and my conversion ratio has climbed to 80% in an industry where the average is 45/50%. I would recommend Romy to any organization willing to boost their sales teams

Pierre-Charles Bienfait
General Manager at Regus Belgium



t-money-expertI think every sales person can remember being sat in a sales training session, being told how to sell by someone who has never actually sold anything in their life. Your head is nodding as you struggle to stay awake. This isn’t how Aura trains sales people! I have been approached by many sales trainers many of which have the same training method – remove sales people from the sales floor and do training in a closed environment. Not Aura! If you are looking for better results an increase in sales and overall better ROI then Aura is the place to go. While personal off the floor 1-2-1 training still happens, Aura will also spends time with every sales person on the floor. In my opinion this is a vital part of his role and his effects his ability to make a difference. Sales people respect Aura, they trust and they listen to their opinions because they know they are sales people who has been there and done it themselves.

I wouldn’t have my sales people trained by anyone else.

Neil Campbell

Group Sales Director at Moneyexpert.com & Mighty Deals



t-eden-parkRomy is unlike any other sales trainer/consultant I have ever worked with. I believe there are two key factors that position Romy above others working in his field, first, is his ability to recognize an individuals sales strengths or weaknesses and customize his program accordingly. There is no “pitch script” in Romy’s program, instead a logical progression through the selling process developed specifically for each individual salespersons style.

The second factor that makes Romy so successful, is his personal selling talent. Everyone has heard the expression; “those who can’t do, teach.” This certainly does not apply in Romy’s case. His ability to coach, deliver feedback and customize his teachings all in real time is the mark of a truly gifted sales professional.

I would recommend Romy’s services to any person looking to better themselves in the world of sales. He is a pleasure to work with, and delivers results.

Scott J. Brown

Sales Director at Eden Park Vehicle Financing



t-tslThe sales training I received by Aura was the best I have ever had. They have a rare skill to train each person as an individual and can identify your true needs and best ways to improve any sales pitch. The reason being they trains you in real call in live situations. They are the only sales training company I know who’s willing to demonstrate every element. Romy’s enthusiasm and passion show in every training session and this helps to motivate everyone he meets. He is a true asset to any business.

Ross Mitchell

Classified Sales Executive at TSL Education



t-local-worldI have had the pleasure of seeing Romy work in 2 very successful business which vary markedly over a number of years now.

What is great about Romy is that he is not only a great trainer but he also brings his energy and enthusiasm to the Sales floor.

So even if you are not being trained by Romy, you certainly feel the great vibe he brings to the floor.

What is unique about Romy’s training style is that he totally focuses on the individual and does not deliver generic training sessions. Romy recognises that we all have slightly different challenges, so he personalises your training to suit your needs. It’s a collaborative process so the individual understands what they are looking to achieve, once this has been defined Romy follows up so the training becomes embedded and not lost. You are never left alone.

If you are looking for somebody to deliver great training sessions that get results, I would strongly recommend you get in touch with Romy.

Paul Padmore

Senior Digital Account Manager at Local World Media