Sales Training: Learn it

learn-itLEARN IT: 10% Of Learning is achieved though formal training sessions.

Personalised training sessions with relevant content and language specific to your business. Demonstrate and engage every element within the hour to increase memory retention rate.


  • We realise Sales People learn in different ways
  • Historically, injection sales training techniques have resulted in taking your Sales People away from their natural working environment and focusing on delivering sales theories and methodologies in a classroom environment whilst applying unfamiliar language and terminology.
  • The challenge Sales People face is connecting these new principles together and applying them.

The result is:

  • Only 10% of classroom learning will be applied back in their natural working environment.
  • This results in an expensive, labour-intensive and non-effective exercise.
  • This further results in low self-confidence in subject matter, low performance expertise and ultimately lower sales figures.