Great to see Auras’ continual investment into Sales; Auras’ Romy Sembi becomes the face of Jobsites Salesforce success.

Jobsite careers ahead with Salesforce

Mandy is ready for a career move. After seeing the perfect job advertised on her mobile, she completes the application on her tablet and sends it to Jobsite. Mandy’s application will be just one of 800,000 received by the recruitment specialist that month.

With Salesforce, Jobsite will be able to gain a unique insight into every application and every candidate. And it won’t matter how many different devices a candidate uses during the job-seeking journey, because with Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud, Jobsite will be tracking interactions not emails. And that means it will be able to identify candidates on every single device every single time.

Sophie Relf, Marketing Director at Jobsite, comments: “Millennial professionals want to search and apply for jobs when and how they choose – and they are increasingly choosing mobile.” The company saw smartphone and tablet traffic to its 60-plus sites increase by 367 percent between December 2012 and December 2013.

“With ExactTarget Marketing Cloud, we will be able to follow the entire journey from the acquisition channel through to attribution and abandonment, and tell our advertisers what type of people applied for what jobs and how they did it,” confirms Relf.

With many advertisers not yet supporting mobile or tablet-based applications, this intelligence could help transform the entire recruitment industry.

A social success

Intelligence captured by Salesforce has already enabled Jobsite to transform how it reaches potential candidates. “We used to spend a lot on TV ads, but they weren’t differentiating our brand sufficiently,” comments Relf. “We are now investing our entire marketing budget in below-the-line activities, such as PR, content and paid search.”

As a result, Jobsite has launched into the world of TV hijacks, Twitter campaigns and hero content, such as its spoof series of ‘The Advantage’ videos, which mimic The Apprentice format and have received more than 740,000 views on YouTube. Thanks to ExactTarget Marketing Cloud, Jobsite can determine if these new approaches are really working.

“Previously we couldn’t track our share of voice, but now we know exactly how we compare against the competition,” says Relf. And the comparison is startling: between November and December 2013, Jobsite grew its share of voice by 32 percent for career topic mentions within its competitive set on social sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

“ExactTarget Marketing Cloud has proved the value of social commerce, and will enable us to engage with people at the right time on the right channel and on the right topics so they connect with our brand,” comments Relf.

Just the job

Since deploying Sales Cloud, Jobsite also has greater visibility of its sales operation, which handles up to 1,000 leads per month. As James Richards, Jobsite’s Sales Operations Manager, confirms: “Sales Cloud is doing the work of five previous systems. With everything on a single platform, we can understand our business and marketplace better, which will help accelerate growth.”

By integrating Sales Cloud with ExactTarget Marketing Cloud, Jobsite will eventually be able to match candidates to adverts and automatically notify them. This will not only provide job-seekers with a better experience but also provide advertisers with a better response rate. And Jobsite with greater revenue.

“With Salesforce, we can ensure that sales and marketing are completely aligned. It will enable us to become more customer-focused, and ensure that we are not just satisfying customers but delighting them,” concludes Relf.